Building Technology Innovation

Audio, Video, Network, and Control Design

Architecture and Technology in Harmony

Our team will bring your vision to life. Start with good planning.  Follow with professional engineering, programming and project management.  See results.  Technology is more than just an equipment list.  It’s an extension of your building and your mission.   Stop wasting time and money. Do more with less and do it right.


Sound & Acoustics

Be Heard.  Perfect sound at every seat using advanced computer based modeling, prediction, and measurement.


Video & Broadcast

Be Seen.  The exact right size and brightness of display, based on physics.  The right solution based on standards and experience.


Lighting Design

Be Bright.  Lighting and video are two sides of the same coin.  Designing with both in mind creates powerful and intuitive spaces.


Control Automation

Be in Control.  Manage technology easily with network based customized solutions that integrate with phones, tables,  and PCs.


Network Backbone

Be Everywhere.  Leverage unified networks and integrated technology design to extend your reach anywhere and everywhere.


Security & Access

Be Safe.  Secure your assets through architecture, operations, and technology as part of your Building Management.

Experienced at Creating Experiences

Our team members have lead the engineering of some of the most iconic and complex facilities in the country.  We work with architects, owners, and technologists in Hospitality, Worship, Entertainment, Corporate, Sports, Courtroom, Civic, Auditorium,  Medical, Higher Education, and Military facilities.




AV specialty consulting is essential for modern building design.  Engaging an AV construction engineer on your team translates vague owner requirements to concrete infrastructure and budget documents.



From Worship Leaders to IT professionals.  Getting detailed and accurate budget information isn’t easy.  Visualize data with pivot tables and graphs broken out by area and discipline for the full picture.


AV Integrators

Eliminate the bottleneck in your workflow.  Detailed construction documents get your project executed accurately.  Our custom project management portal keeps you informed and involved.


Your unique experience is waiting.

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