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Do I Need an Audio Video Consultant?

10 Reasons AV Consulting Makes Sense

What is the Real Cost of Your Project Delivery Method?

Can your staff design your technolgy project?  Should you use Design/Build on your project?  Is your organization wasting time and money?  AV Consulting is not the right solution for every project and we are not the right fit for every client.  Learn where

Almost every architect we speak to tells us the same thing.  “Half of my clients think they will save money doing things this way, but it creates a disaster later during the project.”  There’s a better way.  Learn what you can do to get the results you want with less waste.

By reading this guide, you will LEARN:

  • How the typical RFP process is broken.
  • The proper way to leverage design/build project delivery.
  • How technology design differs from ALL other construction design.
  • How AV Consulting can pay for itself if you do certain things.
  • Examples of pitfalls from relying solely on staff to create project requirements
  • 3 unexpected ways that technology consulting saves organizations money.




Disclaimer: This checklist is not self-serving hype.  We are engineers, not marketers.  We’re not the right fit for every client and we tell them so.  Don’t believe us?  Download the Guide and decide for yourself. 

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