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The AV Consultant Selection Checklist 

16 Questions For Better Projects.  What Are You Missing?

The quality of your project is only as good as the designer you select.   These 16 questions will be help you select better partners and reduce wasted time and energy related to scope gap.  Better partners = Better buildings.  Whether you are an architect, owner, project manager, or technology technology executive, our Updated Checklist can help you.  Download this guide now to improve your next project. 

Before your next project, LEARN:


  • How project budgeting affects fast-track.
  • Smart questions to reveal potential problems.
  • How technology design differs from other design scopes.

Items you MUST clarify during selection:

  • 3 Common scope miscommunication issues to avoid.
  • The most important item missing from a proposal.
  • New issued related to BIM and RevIt.


Disclaimer: This checklist is not self-serving hype.  We are engineers, not marketers.  We’re not the right fit for every client and we tell them so.  Don’t believe us?  Download the Checklist and decide for yourself. 

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