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8 Digital Courtroom Recording System Best Practices

Courthouse buildings are becoming increasingly complex in their application of technology. There are a myriad of laws that must be considered in the application of courtroom technology. This just adds one more layer to an already dense mixture of technical requirements. While many of the technology systems in a courthouse are no different than those

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Polycom Ceiling Microphones – 5 Considerations for Design Application

A few years ago, I would have told you not to even consider ceiling mounted microphones.  Although they have long been implemented, they tend to not work well.  The reasons are simple.  Uneven coverage and noise. Uneven Coverage Uneven coverage happens because these mics will be varying distances from the different people speaking in the

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BYOD Video Conferencing Trends

In a previous article,  I mentioned that there were technologies available to let participants wirelessly display their devices on the main screen(s) of a meeting space.  This has been largely driven by a movement that has come to be referred to as BYOD.  You have probably heard this term a thousand times before.  If not,

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Acoustical Solutions for Meeting Rooms and Collaboration Spaces

Acoustics is certainly a field where what you don’t know will hurt you.  I have worked in the field of audio for nearly 20 years.  Over that period of time, I have had the good fortune to lead the engineering of projects ranging from stadiums to concert halls to meeting rooms and everything in between. 

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3 Types of Assistive Listening Devices for Your Church.

Do you have elderly in your Church who have difficulty hearing? It seems that we progress through stages in life. The youth want their Church as loud as possible. At the other end of the spectrum seniors complain that it’s too loud, until they can’t hear clearly at all. In the US, there are an

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Multisite Church Video Equipment – 3 Workflows and their Tradeoffs

Multisite churches have experienced an explosion in growth over the past few years. Particularly after the 2007 economic crisis, many churches have found this to be a more responsible way to grow. If you know that your Church has an engaging presence, it can make sense to distribute that model. In some cases, this can

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The computer generated 3d image of the modern conference hall

Video Conference Consultants – What They Do and How to Select One

Conference Rooms and Collaboration solutions increasingly require some form of video conferencing component.  For simple spaces, these may be as simple as Skype, Lync, Google Hangouts, or some other variation.  Moving up the scale are hardware based video conferencing solutions, with full blown telepresence at the opposite end of the spectrum. The complexity of the

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6 Creative Church Video Projector Design Techniques

Video projection design in the Church Market has witnessed a rebirth in the past few years. While just a few years ago, there was a large debate about whether the use of technology, specifically video detracted from worship. These conversations have largely ceased. One reason for the shift is the explosion in multi-site Churches which

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5 Church Video System Design Trends

The presence of video evolved greatly over the past decade.  Where there was once debate about whether video was obfuscating the message, today it’s generally accepted that video is an essential component to helping people connect. Interestingly, I see another trend.  I think many people were concerned that as technology became more complex, the Worship

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Audio Consultant Magic – Creative Sleight of Hand for Design

As an audio consultant, I’m commonly confronted with unique problems.  These days, we have such flexible tools at our disposal to perform “miracles” that just two decades ago would have been considered impossible.  Looking up at the fireworks on July 4th, this past weekend reminded me of this.  Actually, it makes me of the Arthur

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