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What are AV IT Solutions and Why do I Need Them?

AV stands for audio video or audio-visual. These are the guys that design the video displays that you look at and the sound systems that you listen to. IT stands for Information Technology. These are the gents who make sure that all of the data in an organization can be stored and routed from one

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Video Conference Consulting Service – The 4 System Solution Sizes

The prevalence of videoconferencing is explosive. A decade ago, many made stark predictions that when we reached 2015, people wouldn’t even board airplanes anymore. Obviously this hasn’t happened. We just expect people to be more connected and to get things done faster. Video conferencing helps. Do you need a Consultant or Consulting Group to accomplish

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6 City Council Chambers Design Mistakes to Avoid

More than any other type of space, The Design of City Council Chambers requires a consideration of presentation requirements during programming. These spaces revolve tightly around communication. Audio, Video, and Technology should be considered early during the design process. While we don’t really care about all the gizmos at this early stage, good design will

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6 Audio-Visual Control System Considerations

I have a saying when it comes to technology. It’s often mentioned in a TV show that my wife and I watch religiously, called “Once”. It says, “All Magic comes with a Price”. I have a saying when it comes to technology.  It’s often mentioned in a TV show that my wife and I watch

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5 Critical Office Speech Privacy Considerations

Your office probably has a problem. Most offices do. Over the past decade, there has been a huge pendulum shift towards collaborative open office floorplans, led by the millennial movement and the huge cost advantages of flex workspace. Today’s offices simply have far fewer walls. Modern Aesthetics To add insult to injury, many of the

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7 Essential Council Chambers Technology Trends

I have had the pleasure of designing audio, video, and technology for a handful of County or City Chambers over the years. There are a number of unique challenges in the facility type and several technologies that can make for a much better experience. Here are some of the big items: Audio DSP Audio digital signal

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