House of Worship

House of Worship Projects (Work performed under previous firms)

Your sanctuary needs to reflect your unique worship style, reinforce your mission, and support your message. Our staff have experience on several large campuses for well known congregations like Gateway Church, Christ Fellowship, Mars Hill, and others. If you are planning a new campus build, we want to speak with you about your church audio system, broadcast, and technology.

Mars Hill Tacoma Campus
Church by the Glades (Engineering & PM)
Summit Church Estero
Summit Church Estero
Gateway Church North Fort Worth Campus
The LIFE Church
Christ Fellowship Boynton Campus


  • Gateway Church North Fort Worth Campus
  • Gateway Church Kings University
  • Gateway Church Grand Prairie (2015 renovation)
  • Mars Hill Everett Campus
  • Mars Hill Tacoma Campus
  • Mars Hill Olympia Campus
  • Mars Hill Bellevue (2014 renovation)
  • Christ Fellowship Boynton Campus
  • Christ Fellowship Stuart Campus
  • Christ Fellowship Gardens (2013 renovation – PM only)
  • Christ Fellowship Gardens Youth Campus
  • Christ Fellowship Royal Palm (PM Only)
  • The LIFE Church -Main Cordova Campus
  • Calvary Sawgrass (2014 renovation)
  • The Rock Church, Miami, Florida
  • Summit Church, Estero, Florida
  • Christ Fellowship Miami (Broadcast design)
  • Church by the Glades, Coral Springs, Florida (Engineering&PM)

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